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What kind of swimming happy swimming

2022-06-25 00:15Wet swimming class free
Summary: What kind of swimmingYou can fill in free swimming, happy swimming and unrestrained swimmingWhat are the standard swimming movementsThere are four common swimming postures: breaststroke, backstroke, b
What kind of swimming
You can fill in free swimming, happy swimming and unrestrained swimmingWhat are the standard swimming movements
There are four common swimming postures: breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle. The standard actions of various swimming postures are as follows: the breaststroke is in the gliding posture, and the body is close to the level. About 80% of the head is submerged in the water, the face is slightly forward, the arms are extended, and the palm is inclined to the outside. The water catching action starts about 7-9 inches underwaterHow to swim
Here are the key points of kicking and breathing, which are very simple. Step 1: kick your legs: (refer to figure 1) hold your breath, lie on the water, bury your head in the water, straighten your hands forward, and sink your legs into the water (your legs are about 30 degrees from the horizontal). Just hold your breath all the time, or breathe out slowlyWhat is the most labor-saving way to swim
In terms of the existing swimming meWhat kind of swimming  happy swimmingthods, backstroke is the most labor-saving, but it is not suitable for big waves. It is easy to get water into the mouth when breathing in backstroke, and backstroke can't see the front. It isWhat kind of swimming  happy swimming relatively safe, but it is suitable for tired swimming. I suggest you learn breaststroke. There are a lot of online videos on action and posture. I will just say two points; Hand and foot coordinationHow do you swim? Which is the easiest way to swim
It is divided into four types, namely butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Breaststroke or freestyle if you have no foundation at all, breaststroke is more suitable for you! But how to say, the most important thing is to practice well. This is a few steps that beginners can learn by themselves in the poolHow to swim correctly
The basic action of breaststroke: the arm is wide and the leg is not moving. The arms begin to bend the elbows to hold the water, the legs begin to slowly retract, and the head begins to rise. (leg retraction and parting) after the head comes out of the water, quickly exhale, open the mouth and inhale. After that, close your mouWhat kind of swimming  happy swimmingth and bury in the water with your arms straight. After the inhalation, the feet are brought to the hipsHow to swim
I found that many of my classmates and I learned that the first swimming posture was the "freestyle" posture. Of course, the posture was not standardized. However, although our hands are in the same position, I find that the usage of legs is different. For exampWhat kind of swimming  happy swimmingle, my leg, my leg is hard to kick backHow can I learn to swim
Practice holding your breath is the first lesson in swimming. However, how to practice holding breath correctly? Most people who have never swam will have such doubts. They don't know how to hold their breath. They will be choked if they are not careful when swimming. 2.1 if we are suffocating in the water, we'd better stand by the pool, pull the railing, orWhat is the correct swimming posture
Swimming is a whole body movement, and the activities of any part are inseparable from the coordination of the whole body. On the surface, freestyle relies on stroke and kick to generate propulsion. In fact, the role of the trunk can not be ignored. First of all, the trunk should maintain a certain degree of tension. If the waist is soft, the whole person is like a pool of mudHow do you swim
Don't be afraid when you swim. Don't go to deep water when learning to swim. Start class hours. Remember to swing your hands and feet in harmony. It's best to put your hand on the swimming ring first. Learn how to play with your feet first. Wait a minute. Let's open the swimming circle
What kind of swimming happy swimming

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