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Swimming safety video with downstream / upstream directivity

2022-06-30 17:06Wet swimming class free
Summary: Swimming safety precautions7. Be careful when swimming in water with obvious flow! As it is an active water, it has the directionality of downstream / countercurrent, which is different from the swimm
Swimming safety precautions
7. Be careful when swimming in water with obvious flow! As it is an active water, it has the directionality of downstream / countercurrent, which is different from the swimming pool. Therefore, it may require double endurance and physical strength to reach the same distance (especially during winter swimming). At this time, it is necessary to decide how to return to and from the swimming pool more economically and safelyWho's safety knowledge video
4. Pay attention to safety during activities and avoid sprains, bumps and other hazards. What should you pay attention to when swimming? Swimming is a very useful activity, but it is also dangerous. To ensure safety, we should: Swimming requires physical examination, suffering from heart disease, hypertension, tuberculosis, otitis media and skin diseasesSwimming safety knowledge
With the passage of time, the hot summer will come quietly. With the temperature rising gradually,Swimming safety video  with downstream / upstream directivity the students must think of swimming. Swimming exercises the body, increases the physique, but must guarantee the safety. In this regard, students are required to do: to participate in swimming activities, pay attention to swimming safety, fSwimming safety video  with downstream / upstream directivityirst, parents' consent, and secondWhat are the safety precautions for swimming
Swimming time should not be too long. Staying in the water for a long time (including indoor swimming pool), especially in cooler water, may not be good for your health, and sometimes it may backfire. Do not swim immediately after physical work. In order to ensure physical health and life safety, after physical work, especially strong physical work, we shouldSwimming safety
Swimming safety early summer has arrived, and it is time to swim again. SwimmingSwimming safety video  with downstream / upstream directivity is a favorite sport for teenagers. If there is not enough safety awareness, drowning often occurs. Learning to swim must be in a shallow swimming pool, accompanied by a person who knows the nature of water. After learning to swim, you can't swim in the river without a leaderHow much do you know about swimming safety
You should know your own water character clearly. You can't be brave after you get into the water. Don't jump into the water rashlyHow to swim safely
It is dangerous to pick people up and throw them down. Avoid unidentified waters: the underwater conditions in unidentified waters are complex, and there will be riprap, silt, water grass, etc., which are more likely to be injured. There will also be more pathogenic substances such as bacteria in the water, in which swimming is easier to catch diseases (the river water is not as bad as before). Therefore, it is safe to swim in a regular swimming poolWhat are the safety knowledge of swimming
1. You must swim under the guidance of your parents (guardians). Swimming alone is most likely to cause problems. If your partner is not a parent (adult), it is difficult to ensure proper assistance in case of danger. 2. Do not jump into the water immediately after taking part in strong physical labor or strenuous exercise#Ask \cctv for help. There is a public service advertisement about swimming safety. There is a line in it that seems to be
However, there are few warning signs in dangerous sections of rivers. In order to prevent the occurrence of tragedy, the Municipal Education Bureau has issued emergency notices and held special meetings on the prevention of student drowning accidents since this year. At the same time, it has aSwimming safety video  with downstream / upstream directivitylso organized the preparation and printing of student swimming safety and traffic safety education posters, which are distributed to schools at all levels and types free of chargeSwimming safety tips
Pay attention to rest, do not swim long distances, and do not stay away from your partners. If you feel unwell, tell your partner and go ashore to have a rest. Watch your partner swim on the shore and pay attention to their safety. Primary and secondary school students don't swim in the diving pool, and they can't compete with each other about who has a longer diving time and who has a longer diving distance
Swimming safety video with downstream / upstream directivity

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