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Swimming collar a newborn girl in Hunan Province

2022-07-01 18:04Wet swimming class
Summary: A newly full-term baby girl choked to death by swimming with a collar. What should be paid attention to when swimming with her babyA newborn girl in Hunan Province, under the supervision of her mother
A newly full-term baby girl choked to death by swimming with a collar. What should be paid attention to when swimming with her baby
A newborn girl in Hunan Province, under the supervision of her mother and grandmother, has been wearing a collar when swimming at home. Unfortunately, the one month old baby girl suffocated with a collar around her neck while swimming! When the little girl swam, her mother and grandmother did not always pay attention. The little girl swam for more than 10 minutes before her mother took her out of the bathtub. SolutionThe harm of baby swimming neck ring
The harm of baby swimming collar: the baby's whole bone is not fully developed, let alone its fragile neck. However, babies must rely on their necks to support their whole body weight and jump around in the water. Even if they weigh less in the water, they may also damage the spinal cord nervous systemJust a full-term baby girl died of suffocation by swimming with a collar: "scientific baby rearing", why is it so fashionable_ Baidu knows
An infant suffocated while swimming under the supervision of his family in Hunan Province, which aroused public concern. When the one month old girl swam at home wearing a collar, her mother and grandmother would always look at her. However, when her father came home, he found that she was pale and did not cry, so he went to the emergency department. BabyWhere babies can't swim well
Reason 2: the swimming collar used by infants Swimming collar  a newborn girl in Hunan Provincewhen swimming will cause safety hazards to the child's cervical spine. The collar worn by the baby's swimming neck will damage the child's cervical spine and cause damage to the baby's cervical joints. What's more, it will compress the baby's trachea and cause breathing difSwimming collar  a newborn girl in Hunan Provinceficulties. If the baby's mother doesn't find it in time at this timeWhat kind of swimming ring does the baby use for swimming in six months
Use a collar, with two layers of inflatable neck rings inside and outside. When children are familiar with water, they can also use a small swimming ring (on the waist). You can go to the specialty store and buy it. The shopkeeper will introduce you. What is used at any age, and it is basically a complete set. It can be used for 2 years old. 1) choose a suitable neck ring according to the actual neck circumference of the baby, and put it inWhat kind of swimming circle is better for 2-year-old babies to swim and play with water
There is a fatal problem in ordinary swimming circles. If a child cannot raise his head on his own when his head is down, it will endanger his life. The inflatable collar around the neck can make the baby float on the water and the body can move freely, but it will hurt the neck. Once it is twisted to the neck, itSwimming collar  a newborn girl in Hunan Province is very dangerous. Relatively speakingDo you send infants to swim? What are the precautions
Prepare equipment with high safety for babies to swim, and prepare bathing supplies before swimming. Don't let water enter the baby's ears and eyes during bathing. Once water enters, wipe it off in time. In autumn and winter, the indoor temperature is kept at 25 DEG;, The indoor temperature is relatively low, which may keep the baby in cold waterThe doctor doesn't recommend 1 month old babies to swim with a collar. Why
The doctor does not recommend a 1-month-old baby to swim with a collar, because the child is too smSwimming collar  a newborn girl in Hunan Provinceall and has no strength in the head. If he insists on swimming with a collar, it will cause great harm to the child, both physically and psychologically, because the child is too young to bear such a thing at allWhat's the rumor about the harm of neck rings used by babies in swimming
Zhao Shaofei, the inventor of the domestic and international patent of neonatal swimming equipment, believes that there is no need to worry about the safety of the baby's neck, "even if the baby is vertical in the water, the force that the neck needs to bear on the neck is only a few times. As long as the newborn's hands and feet move slightly, the reaction force of the water will exceed the force on the neck". He said
Swimming collar a newborn girl in Hunan Province

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