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Adventure Island swimming task watermelon

2022-07-01 14:06Wet swimming class
Summary: Where are all the swimming circles in adventure islandTask watermelon) is enough. The reward is 3 watermelons (consumables). Ms. Mingming's watermelon requires you to get 5 watermelons. The task re
Where are all the swimming circles in adventure island
Task watermelon) is enough. The reward is 3 watermelons (consumables). Ms. Mingming's watermelon requires you to get 5 watermelons. The task reward is 10000 experience Cool watermelons require you to get 5 watermelons. After completion, find the adventure island operator to hand in the taskWhat are the 12 problems of adventure island
Overview: 1. Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, Nini. 2. Equestrian. 3. Athens, Greece. 4. Swimming. 5. Olympic rings. 6. Rhythmic gymnastics. 7, 26. 8. Baseball. 9062Adventure Island swimming  task watermelon10, archery. 112004 Athens. 12. BilliardsAdventure Island 2 how to build your own room for swimming
The house has been revised. The landlord came out to die ~ this designAdventure Island swimming  task watermelon was thought of a long time ago, but at that time, we couldn't do interior design, and it was difficult to deal with the door, so we gave up. Just this time, many ideas can be changed. And the structure is simpleAdventure Island 079 full picture swimming patch how to do
If there is a backup WZ, you Adventure Island swimming  task watermeloncan delete the WZ file after the patch is changed, and then delete the suffix of the backup name. You can also ask a friend to send the original document to you. I hope I can help you
How to hand in the task of destroying the red swimming circle in Adventure Island
Go to Xingyuan and take a task called "cool watermelon". Then ask Xingyuan to send you to Uncle park's watermelon field. It takes five times to hit watermelon at the top. Give it to the operator of adventure island after playing, and you can get the pink lace swimming circle corresponding to your occupationWhat is swimming in Adventure Island market
Market swimming is a WZ patch of SF. Its function is to enjoy the fun of swimming casually in the underwater world in the free market, but it doesn't seem to have much effectWho knows where the new swimming circle iAdventure Island swimming  task watermelonn adventure island can be obtained
You first take the task (cool watermelon) at Xingyuan, and then go to the watermelon field to fight five watermelons or buy five watermelons Then you go to see the administrator of Adventure Island, the man who asked us to change maple leaves in the last version Give him five watermelons and he will have a swimming circle But the swimming circle has a deadline (but the task can be done repeatedly) the answer is over, hope to adopt itKneel down for an adventure island 079 WZ that can swim in the market
Basically, you can. Let me just say the essence. First, you need to know the motion of swimming WZ, open motion with WZ tool wz。 (you have this, don't you? Don't look for one.). First find the basic action items. I remember it seems to be 13. Then double click to enter and find the ID corresponding to swimmingAdventure Island swimming circle price
: the price of lifebuoy is the same in all areas, about 70~100w! Have a nice gameAdventure Island swimming circle
。。。 Stupid,,, that's a task prop. Anything can be used.. It's the task of the current staff member W. where is the operator of adventure island? It's the task of asking you to hide from the tiger essence and hit five watermelons
Adventure Island swimming task watermelon

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