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Wet swimming class

Writing swimming fruitful autumn

2022-06-26 09:03Wet swimming class
Summary: I like swimming in summerI like the spring full of vitality, the autumn full of fruits, the winter full of snow, and the summer full of enthusiasm, because at that time, I can throw myself into the ar
I like swimming in summer
I like the spring full of vitality, the autumn full of fruits, the winter full of snow, and the summer full of enthusiasm, because at that time, I can throw myself into the arms of the sea and have a good swim. I like swimming, which is an aerobic exercise. I have to start from that summer. It was the summer vacation of 2008. My father took me to the beach to swim. GoldLook at the picture and write a paragraph with beach, shell and swimming
They can't help but think of it: the waves behind the sea push the waves ahead, and each wave is higher than the other; The froWriting swimming  fruitful autumnnt waves of the sea give way to the back waves. So they stood on the soft beach and began to build castles. After that, they played games, swam, picked up shells, and basked in the sun... They were very happyTwo ducks learn to swim in summer
On a sunny morning, the grass was green, the flowers were smiling, and the birds were singing happily. Mother duck took the ducklings to learn swimming. The duckliWriting swimming  fruitful autumnngs were a little afraid when they saw the sparkling water. Mother duck said, "don't be afraid, son. I will protect you
First grade students read pictures and write words. On the way after school, children swim in the river. Please help me
It was very hot that day. Xiao Ming wanted to sneak into the river to swim after school. The school bell rang. Xiao Ming ran out of the schoWriting swimming  fruitful autumnol quickly. Looking at the clear river, he couldn't help getting excited. He Writing swimming  fruitful autumntook off his clothes and plopped into the river. Xiao Ming swims happily in the river like a flexible fish. At this timeChildren swimming in the river
In the hot summer, cicadas and birds are singing. There are three children swimming in the clear river. However, they don't have a swimming circle with them, and they don't have adults around. I wonder if they ran out secretly. It's very dangerousHow to write a 50 word composition for swimming
Uncle said: "after learning these two movements, you should draw your hands and pedal your feet so that you can swim." I tried it again as my uncle said and really swam. But my uncle was several times faster than me. I asked my uncle: what is the secret of swimming fast? My uncle said, "there is no secret
How do you write about some children swimming in the pond
The weather in summer was very hot. Several children couldn't help swimming in the pond. They were very happyReading pictures and writing words in grade one -- how to write when learning to swim
One summer afternoon, father-in-law sun had gone home. But the swimming pool is busy! Children came here to swim one after another. Some are wearing swimming rings, some are wearing swimming caps, and some are clapping loudly with their arms outstretched! Why applaud? Ha ha, I don't know. Let me tell you. TheyReading pictures and writing words of "learning to swim" in Grade Two: no less than 150 words
When summer came, the children rushed to the teacher's place to learn swimming. They put on swimsuits and came to the side of the swimming pool. "Plop, plop" everyone jumped into the swimming pool and came to the middle of the water. They formed a circle and listened to the teacher. But Xiao Ming sat on the bank and stared at them. Ning Ning said, "Xiao Ming, come down quickly. Let's have class."Swimming, boating and catching dragonflies in summer
One summer weekend, the students went to the park for an outing. In the park, the beautiful flowers are blooming, colorful and beautiful! The green grass is like a thick blanket, draped over the mother earth. In the clear lake water, some children are rowing happily, and some children are swimming happily
Writing swimming fruitful autumn

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