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Swimming Lifeguard Training

2022-06-26 01:35Wet swimming class
Summary: Swimming coach certificate and swimming lifeguard certificate, if obtainedApplication process for swimming lifeguards in 2019: application materials: (I) relevant qualification certificates such as ce
Swimming coach certificate and swimming lifeguard certificate, if obtained
Application process for swimming lifeguards in 2019: application materials: (I) relevant qualification certificates such as certificates provided by personnel participating in the junior Lifeguard Training (II) copies (III) 1 bareheaded 2-inch photo of myself. Training objects: (1) operating swimming pools (gymnasiums), clubs and clubs in the cityWhere does Chengdu have swimming Lifeguard Training
There are two places in Chengdu where swimming lifeguards are trained. First: Sichuan Lifeguard Training Center of China Life Saving AssociationHow to get a lifeguard certificate
Training conditions and assessment standards for Junior Swimming lifeguards: comply with relevant national laws and regulations and professional ethics, have good conduct, good health, love swimming, and meet the basic professional qualifications of employees in this city and other places. Above 18 years old, junior high school or above; Have cardiopulmonary resuscitation, crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, side stroke, backstroke and divingWhat are the requirements for applying for the training qualification of swimming lifeguards and coaches
(2) After obtaining the athlete level certificate at or above level 2 (including level 2), reaching the specified standard class hours through the intermediaSwimming Lifeguard Trainingte formal training of the profession, and obtaining the completion certificate through the examination, he shall be continuously engaged in the work of the profession for at least 1 year. (3) Junior college or above in physical educationHow to test the lifeguard certificate of a lifeguard in a swimming pool
Assessment standard for operating skills of swimmSwimming Lifeguard Traininging lifeguards (Trial) the certification process for Junior Swimming lifeguards has participated in the vocational skills training held by the designated training institutions in this city and passed the qualification; Take the vocational skill appraisal examination within 1-2 weeks after training; After passing the examination, go to the job evaluation station to get the national vocational qualification certificate; Register with the life saving associationWhat are the swimming coach training institutions
Dragon Swimming Club: the Department of dragon swimming club has a team with strong sense of responsibility, excellent technology and dedication, including 3 senior coaches and 2 graduate students; There are 12 undergraduate students and 3 National swimmersWhere can we train swimming lifeguards in Chengdu? Conditions? Time? Can I take another certificate_ Baidu knows
Lifeguard Chengdu anda Xianghe Real Estate Co., Ltd. number of recruits: several academic requirements: working years in high school: unlimited salary range: 1000-2000 yuan / month place of work: Hongguang, Chengdu, male, with high school education or above, with a height of more than 172cm, holding a swimming lifeguard work license, healthy, with good facialSwimming Lifeguard Training features and a strong sense of responsibility. Treatment:
How to take the swimming lifeguard certificate in Beijing
The application conditions for Beijing swimmiSwimming Lifeguard Trainingng lifeguard examination: at least 18 years old, in good health, with a basic education level of junior high school or above. Certification process for Junior Swimming lifeguards: participate in the vocational skills training held by the designated training institutions in the city and pass the qualificationA swimming lifeguard regular training system is urgently needed
Weekly training of lifeguards' release technology and towing technology. Release technology and towing technology are a special technology for lifeguards to take reasonable technical actions to timely release the entanglement of drowning people and transport drowning people. Lifeguards must be skilled in their application. Weekly training on safety awareness and responsibility of lifeguardsWhere can I get a swimming lifeguard certificate
Those who have passed the examination and obtained the national professional qualification certificate of swimming lifeguard will also obtain the "registration certificate of swimming lifeguard of China Life Saving Association" issued by China Life Saving Association. Lifeguards must hold both the national vocational qualification certificate and the registration certificate before they can take up their jobs
Swimming Lifeguard Training

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